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Cleaning your gutters is a messy and time consuming job especially if you attempt to do this yourself. Yet gutter cleaning does need to be carried out on a regular basis as it is a vital part of household maintenance.

If you live near trees, your gutter can become blocked with leaves and debris. In addition it can become blocked by birds’ nests, moss growth and other yucky residue that builds up over time.

A blocked or damaged gutter can lead to a range of household problems including internal damp and even structural damage to the building. According to home insurance statistics one of the leading causes of water damage in homes is due to blocked or damaged guttering so this issue is certainly worth preventing. Britannia Local Essex Roof and Gutter Cleaners

Can I clean my guttering myself?

You can clean your guttering yourself but this is not a job for the faint hearted and it does require the use of specialised tools. You will need to invest in some cleaning tools before you start and there is a wide range of these on the market.

These may include attachments that you fit on your leaf blower or scraping tools that you can fit on your garden hose. You should never use your pressure washer to clean your gutters because you risk causing damage to the structure of the guttering requiring the need for costly repairs.  

In addition it can be extremely difficult to reach the gutters that lie just underneath your roof and unless you live in a low level home such as a bungalow, doing this will be impossible for most people.

The leaf blower attachment for example only will stretch for around 12 feet so you will need to get up a ladder and balance while you operate it. This is certainly dangerous and it could see you winding up in A and E!

Many people who try to clean their gutters themselves complain that these household attachments are simply not effective and unless you live in a bungalow, you are unlikely to be able to carry this out yourself. Britannia Local Essex Roof and Gutter Cleaners

Professional gutter cleaning is the easier option

Calling in a professional gutter cleaning service is by far the easiest option. A professional service will use professional tools and in most cases will be able to work from ground level without the need of ladders or scaffolding.

Gutter vacuum cleaning system.

Many professional gutter cleaning services use a gutter vacuum cleaning system. This works in the same way as a wet and dry commercial carpet cleaning system in that it first sucks all the debris out of the gutter and then washes it out so that the guttering is clean and fully operational.

You cannot use your own wet and dry vacuum cleaner on your guttering because access would be impossible and a domestic cleaner would not have the reach.

By contrast, a professional gutter vacuum system can often be operated from the ground by the use of water fed poles that can reach even the tallest of buildings. Britannia Local Essex Roof and Gutter Cleaners

A professional gutter cleaning service checks out the state of your guttering.

Having your gutters cleaned is a great way to check out the overall state of your guttering. A professional service will be able to examine the integral condition of your guttering by using a system of mirrors and cameras that can check for any structural damage.

Broken or cracked guttering is hard to spot from the ground but it will cause major damage if it is not repaired. Cleaning your gutters will help minimise the risk of any blockages causing damage to your property.  A small hole in your guttering for example is not difficult to repair but if it is left unnoticed it will cause damp and potentially structural to your home. Britannia Local Essex Roof and Gutter Cleaners

Is gutter cleaning expensive?

Prices will vary depending on the service you use and the size of your property, but in general a gutter cleaning service is not expensive. Most companies charge a minimum of around £40 and in general it costs around £4 for every metre of guttering.  For a small terraced house you could be looking at around £40 which is certainly great value. Of course if you have a high townhouse or larger property it will cost more but the total cost is highly unlikely to exceed £120.

Why not have your roof cleaned at the same time?

Some professional gutter cleaning services also offer roof cleaning so it does make sense to have your roof and gutter cleaned at the same time in order to save time and money. As with gutter cleaning, in most cases a roof clean can be carried out from ground level so the two services can be carried out in the same visit.

Cleaning your roof is a great way to improve the appearance of your property. It will bring the natural colour back to your roof tiles and remove unsightly moss and other staining that can be caused by the growth of algae and lichen.

Cleaning your roof does not only improve the appearance of your property. It can protect your roof from structural damage caused by moss and avoid the risk of broken tiles and internal damp. Britannia Local Essex Roof and Gutter Cleaners

Cleaning your roof and your gutter improves the condition of your property

Cleaning your roof and your gutter undoubtedly improves the condition of your property. After all your home is your biggest investment so it is crucially important that neither of these two areas is neglected.

Both gutter cleaning and roof cleaning are two dirty jobs in difficult to access areas of your home so even if you generally carry out your own home maintenance these particular jobs are always best left to a professional service. Britannia Local Essex Roof and Gutter Cleaners

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