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roof cleaning in Somerset

According to locals, Somerset is a fantastic place to live. This small attractive town is home to only a few thousand people yet has a cosmopolitan community vibe with plenty of quirky independent shops and businesses in the town, including two wine merchants and some great delicatessens. 

Pretty, upmarket and alternative, Somerset and nearby Ansford are handy for people who need to get to London – a long commute admittedly but achievable thanks to the mainline station on the Paddington Line. However the station is always at its busiest at the time of the Glastonbury festival when thousands of people arrive on their way to the festival – it is the closest station to Pilton.

Property prices in Somerset tend to be high. There is a wealth of manor houses on the market at over a million and on average a home in the area costs around £299, 000. Somerset is not some type of rural backwater even though it might look like it. Many people have moved into the area and homes are generally more expensive here than many other places in Somerset.

If you are a householder in Somerset, it is important to ensure that your home is well maintained and a great way to do this is to remember your roof and your guttering.  These important areas of your home are often overlooked but can make a real difference to the appearance and functionality of your home.

If you don’t clean your roof, the damp Somerset climate will cause moss and algae to become a problem and can lead to internal damp and damage to tiles and structure.

In addition it is important to ensure that your gutters are cleaned on a regular basis so that they do not block and cause cracking. According to insurers, one of the major causes of household damp is due to gutter damage and leaking.

Cleaning your own roof is not recommended. This is a specialised job requiring the use of professional equipment. If for example, you use a high-pressure washer on your roof or in your guttering, you are likely to cause serious structural damage to tiles and fixings, especially if you live in an older property or listed building.

Having your roof cleaned in Somerset is not expensive or time-consuming. A professional service will be able to carry out both functions usually in the same visit, depending upon the size of your building so there is minimum disruption to the homeowner.

In many cases, a professional contractor will be able to work from ground level by the use of water-fed poles but if there is a need to gain physical access to the roof, this is not your problem. A professional service will be used to working on all types of property from tiny modern terraced houses to country house manors. roof cleaned in Somerset, check out your local services and find out exactly what is on offer. Most roof cleaning services provide biocide treatment to prevent moss regrowth, a video diagnosis of any problems, and a quick clean service that ensures that your home always looks its best!

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